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Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment

Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment are one of the most common auto repair services offered by Technicians here are just 5 reasons why this should be check/done on every Tyre change or your monthly check of your vehicle.

1. General wear a tear happens over time on all moving parts of your vehicle and this needs to be realigned/Checked.

2. Your new Tyres fitted to your Vehicle could see half of its life expectancy.

3. Bad Wheel Alignment Wheel increased MPG because the Vehicle Wheels are not working together, this causes your engine to have to work harder to propel you forward.

4. Improved Vehicle Safety, If your Vehicle Alignment is off you will notice your car will drift to the right or left even though your steering wheel is aimed straight ahead, having to constantly adjust your steering to compensate for bad alignment is cumbersome, inefficient and potentially dangerous.

5. Wheel Balancing, you will know if your wheels are out of Balance as you get a bad vibration via the steering wheel shaking, Brake pedal or even via the seat, to correct this is a very low cost for such a better driving experience.

If you think you Vehicle suffers from any of the above why not pop into see us for a free check and while you wait why not have a coffee as this only takes around 25 minutes to check depending on the vehicle type.


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